Singer Li Sum Ling recently stated that she is supportive of So Ching, her friend and former fellow member of the girl group COLLAR.

As reported on Mingpao, the COLLAR member, who attended the press conference of her new ViuTV drama recently, stated that So Ching has now gone back to teaching dance classes after announcing that she has quit the group.

“After the last press conference, I contacted So Ching and spoke to her. I respect and support her new endeavour and I hope she is well. I hope she is able to do something that makes her happy,” she said.

Asked if she will attend So Ching’s dance class, Li stated that she would be busy filming her new drama for the time being.

“But I believe there will be opportunities for us to dance together in the future. Those of us who like to dance would often meet at dance events,” she added.

It was last week that So Ching announced her departure from COLLAR, saying that she was still affected by the trauma of seeing her boyfriend, fellow dancer Mo, getting injured during MIRROR’s concert last year.

“Every moment of us going back and forth to the Emergency Room and the hospital has been branded in my heart, leaving indelible marks,” she expressed.

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So Ching had been a part of COLLAR since January 2022
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So Ching (right) is still affected by the tragedy befalling boyfriend Mo (left)

(Photo Source: So Ching IG, Li Sum Ling IG)