While there are calls from several politicians to cancel the upcoming November Coldplay concert in Malaysia, saying that it only nurtures the culture of hedonism and perversion, the band’s frontman Chris Martin has gracefully welcomed everybody to their show.

In a short interview with HITZ FM, the British singer stated that he always felt that Malaysians are a loving and warm group of people.

He continued, “We are so grateful and happy to becoming to KL. It’s somewhere that we loved and respected from the distance for so long. “Everybody is welcome to our show. We love all people, all kinds of people, all religions. All leaders, all followers – nobody is excluded. We really want you to come to our show and feel free to be yourself and feel free to let everybody be themselves.”

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Come, come … provided you have valid tickets

“Anyone who is not happy we are coming, we’re sorry, but we love you too,” he added.

In the same interview, Chris Martin stated that the underlying message of their album, “Music of the Spheres” is that one should not be afraid of “difference or others”.

“For me, it’s a real opening of my imagination and also opening up of my acceptance of other people and creatures,” he added.

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