Claudine Barretto recently expressed her wish of working with Judy Ann Santos.

The actress, who sat down with talk show host Boy Abunda recently, stated that it has been long rumoured that she and Judy Ann didn’t get along, even though they have experienced many things together during the height of their success.

“Judy Ann and I went through a lot. It’s just that, during that time, Judy Ann and I were like boyfriend and girlfriend. We are not allowed to be seen outside because Tito Alfie doesn’t want us to be like Nora-Vilma,” she explained.

Alfie in this case was the late Alfie Lorenzo, who was Judy’s manager.

“I would never forget what Judy Ann did for me, that’s why she is who she is. At my lowest point, when I also transferred from Channel 2 to Channel 7, and in one of her interviews, they said she was the teleserye queen. She said, ‘No. Claudine and I share this title.’ I will never forget that until the day I die,” she said.

Claudine added that she hopes that one day the two of them will work on a movie together, adding that queens will always support queens.

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Claudine was one of the big teen stars in the ’90s