After previously making headlines over her divorce announcement on Weibo, Catherine Hung is now changing her tune and saying that she and husband Andy Zhang will remain together.

Less than two weeks after the Weibo incident, Catherine sent an apology letter on the said social media platform on 13 May, denying that she and Andy are getting a divorce and apologising for the brouhaha.

Catherine said that the two of them have realised how immature and irresponsible their actions were, and that their words and deeds caused a great trouble to their family members and fans who supported them.

In the same statement, Catherine also denied that Andy had cheated on her, and that his manager Bi Ying, of whom Andy was accused of cheating with in the past, had nothing to do with it.

“These are just some problems that couples will face when we get along. The rumours are getting worse and worse. We don’t know where to start to explain. We have not properly handled our feelings and did not give an explanation to the fans who supported us! I really am sorry!” she added.

The actress also stated that after much introspection, they are now willing to work it out and deal with the friction between husband and wife better.

Meanwhile, Andy also reposted Catherine’s statement, and added, “I really am sorry. I hope everybody can understand.”

It was earlier this month that Catherine took to social media in the wee morning, writing, “Andy Zhang and I are no longer husband and wife.” Andy then posted his own message saying, “Yes, no more.”

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The couple have been married since 2009

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)