Four years after they collaborated in an advertisement, Angelababy and David Beckham were recently reunited in Macau.

And get this: They wore the same outfits from four years ago.

The two recently saw each other again for another commercial shoot as part of the promotions for The Londoner Macau, the same hotel they shot for in 2019.

David Beckham
David Beckham enjoying his time in Macau

It is noted that the hotel was originally scheduled to open four years ago, but had to postpone its launch due to the pandemic. Now the two are back together for a series of promotions for the hotel, wearing the same outfit and eating fish and chips on a London bus just like they did before.

What’s more miraculous is that both stars looked the same now as they were four years ago!

Following the shoot, Beckham also took to Weibo to share some photos from Macau, including one with Angelababy. He posted, “Ni Hao” and tagged the actress in it.

Meanwhile, Angelababy reposted the photos and captioned it, “Meet again! Have fun in Macau.”

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This was a photo of them in 2019
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And this is them now, having the same fish and chips in a London bus

(Photo Source: Angelababy Weibo, Oriental Sunday)