Alyssa Chia recently admitted that having her first daughter Angelina from her previous marriage made her realise that she can be strong.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Taiwanese actress, who joined the reality show “Ride the Wind” (previously known as “Sisters Who Make Waves”), recently spoke about her daughter with ex-husband Charles Sun, saying that the experience of battling her ex-husband for her daughter’s custody was very profound to her.

“The closeness between the two of us until today may be related to the divorce, because of that hardship we faced together. During that process, I was with her, fought for her, and had her by my side,” she said.

“She is my first child and the first time I learn how to be a mother, so I think that that itself is extremely powerful. Having my eldest daughter made me realise that I can be strong.”

Alyssa also thanked Angelina for the ups and downs they went through together, adding that her eldest daughter is her strongest supporter.

Alyssa was married to Charles Sun for five years before the marriage ended in 2010. The two had a long custody battle for Angelina, which ended with them sharing custody while Alyssa becoming the main guardian.

She had since remarried to actor Hsiu Chieh-Kai, with whom she has two more kids.

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Alyssa is now married to actor Hsiu Chieh-Kai

(Photo Source: Angel Sun IG)