If Alex Fong seems slimmer than before, it is not because of his new relationship with girlfriend Maple Yip.

According to the actor, he has been prepping up for his upcoming new drama, season two of the hit 2021 series, “Sinister Beings”.

Mingpao reported that the actor, who was seen at a dinner event on 29 April, shared that he has started losing weight earlier in hopes to perform in his best state, playing the role of a professor of biology.

“Although a professor can be chubby, the character in the drama is revealed to be very popular among students. The producer wants me to be a little thinner, so my goal is to lose 15 pounds,” he said.

Alex said that as of now, he has lost eight pounds by abstaining from starch, desserts, fruits and wine.

“I will have lots of rivalry scenes with Rosina Lam. The script is wonderful,” he said.

As for Maple, who recently went to South Korea to testify against cult leader Jung Myung-Seok, Alex said that she seems to be safer since everybody pays a lot of attention to the case and are wary of Jung’s followers.

“She tells me everything. We have no problem with communication,” he said.

(Photo Source: Alex Fong Instagram)