Zhang Yimou is set to make his web drama debut by directing the new series, “League of Legends”.

As reported on Sina, the filmmaker shared the good news when he was interviewed at the China Film Big Data Ceremony, saying that he is expecting to start filming the project in September.

“This is my first time filming an online drama, and I hope to do something different with this project,” he said.

The upcoming series was announced earlier this year by the producers, stating that the drama will be an e-sports youth drama to be penned by Su Xu.

The logline read, “A soul swap happened between a successful e-sports whiz, Ma Da and his high school fan, Bai Yang. Both got to live the life of their dream, and came with it were also difficulties in the other’s life.”

No news as to who will play the lead characters.

(Photo Source: SINA)