The team of the upcoming movie, “Yesterday Once More” has denied allegation that it has plagiarised the plot of an English film called, “If Only”.

Following the claims made by Yi Shi Films, which stated that they have the rights to the Chinese adaptation of the 2004 Jennifer Love Hewitt-starrer, of which they claimed “Yesterday Once More” plagiarised, the movie released a statement on Weibo to dismiss it.

“The movie tells a love story in which the male and female leads cross time and space many times to find each other. The character setting and content of the story are all original,” the team stated. “False accusations of plagiarism are a huge harm to the hard work and dignity of the film creators.”

7ec yesterdayoncemoreteam01
‘If Only’ is a 2004 movie that has similar premise to ‘Yesterday Once More’

In the same statement, the team remind fans to watch the movie when it is released in theatres on 28 April.

Yi Shi made the claims earlier this week by comparing the plot of the two movies, and even released a statement by the director of “If Only”, Gavin Lewis James, who said that Yi Shi Films has the rights to the English movie and that the company has full authority to protect itself from any infringement.

Previously, it was said that the said movie, which will be Arthur Chen’s comeback vehicle, is an adaptation of the Japanese movie based on the novel “My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday”. However, it was later revealed to have a  different storyline.

7ec yesterdayoncemoreteam02
‘My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday’ is also about time travel

(Photo Source: IMDb, SINA)