TV personality Xie Na recently apologised following the backlash she received for her assistant’s attitude towards some photographers earlier.

On 22 April, the “Happy Camp” host posted a statement via her official studio, saying that there was an incident earlier where some photographers were taking photos of her with husband Zhang Jie while they were on a rush to catch up with their schedules at the high-speed railway station.

Xie Na apologises for assistant’s recent rude behaviour, celeb asia, xie na, theHive.Asia
Xie and Zhang were spotted at the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

“There was a friction when the accompanying staff rushed to stop the photographers at the station. Although there was no physical contact, but his words and action were indeed inappropriate. For this, we sincerely apologise to everyone.”

Xie added that they will reflect on themselves and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

In a video that had gone viral of the incident, Xie’s assistant was seen harshly slapping away a camera from a photographer before the TV host was able to prevent him from doing so.

Many who saw the video slammed the assistant for being too arrogant and acting way more dramatic than the actual celebrity.

(Photo Source: Netease News, Oriental Daily)