Chinese businessman and Barbie Hsu’s ex-husband Wang Xiaofei recently met up with his former mother-in-law Huang Chunmei, who brought his two kids along to see him as he is in Taipei to sort out some matters.

The businessman, who got to spend an afternoon with his daughter Hsi-Lin and son Hsi-Yueh, also had a good chat with Huang during the short visit.

When asked by the media if they talked about the lawsuit between Wang and Barbie, Huang stated that she doesn’t know anything about it.

“[Wang] has grown a lot. When he spoke to me, his tone was calm. He wasn’t angry at all,” she said.

Asked if they would meet each other for dinner in the next few days, Huang said that she will wait for Wang to ask her out.

“[The problem] is about him and Barbie, not with me. So, there is no problem for us to meet,” she added.

It is reported that the Taipei trip this time is not just for Wang to see his two kids, but also for him to deal with some work concerning S Hotel and the lawsuit he has against Barbie.

Barbie and Wang ended their decade of marriage in late 2021. The actress had since married South Korean entertainer, DJ Koo Jun-Yup.

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Wang Xiaofei’s ex-wife Barbie is now married to Koo Jun-Yup

(Photo Source: Koo Jun-Yup IGSINA)