After his previous trip to Taiwan, Wang Xiaofei was recently revealed to have flown to the island yet again to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

On 23 April, the Shanghai businessman posted a video from a venue where the celebration took place, and even panned the camera to his former mother-in-law Huang Chun-Mei before they went on to sing happy birthday for his daughter Wang Hsi-Yueh.

“Family is always family. It’s Yueh’er’s birthday. Dad will never be absent,” he posted.

However, ex-wife Barbie Hsu and her new husband Koo Jun-Yup were nowhere to be found in the video.

Wang later shared another post, revealing that he went to pick up his kids from school.

He wrote, “After the pandemic has passed, everything returned to normal. Dad will come to accompany you as always.”

However, many blasted the businessman for revealing the school where his kids go, as he might have posted a photo of the school building on Weibo.

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Barbie married Korean rapper Koo Jun-Yup just a few months after her divorce from Wang

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu IG, Kwong Wah)