Idol Miyu Koike and reality show alumnus Daiki Miyagi recently announced their marriage.

In a joint statement released by both parties, they shared that the marriage was registered on 28 March.

“Thanks to everyone who supports us and takes care of us, we are able to reach this day. Thank you always so much. By becoming a family, we want to raise each other up, support each other, and build a happy family while enjoying our time together.”

“We will continue to walk with love without forgetting our gratitude to everyone who supports us, so we would be happy if you could watch over us warmly. Thank you for your continued support,” the statement added.

Miyu made her debut in 2012 and became popular with her single, “Uchuu Kakurenbo”.

Meanwhile, Daiki, who started as a kickboxer, became an actor after finding fame through the reality show, “Terrace House”.

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Daiki was part of ‘Terrace House’ prior to becoming an actor

(Photo Source: Daiki Miyagi IG)