Tan Songyun’s agency has recently dismissed rumours that the actress is now married to businessman Hua Han.

As reported on NetEase, on 6 April, the actress’ studio took to social media to address recent allegations by sharing screenshots of several articles about the marriage rumours, writing, “It’s outrageously fake. Ms Tan is currently single. Do not spread rumours!”

The cause? On 4 April, several tabloids broke the news that Tan has married the Wanda Group major shareholder.

This is not the first time that the two were rumoured to be dating. Hua Han was also romantically linked to several artistes in the past, including Yang Mi and Cecilia Liu.

Tan, who became famous after playing Fang Chunyi in “The Legend of Zhen Huan” in 2011, have starred in dramas like “The Whirlwind Girl”, “With You”, and the movie, “Love O2O”.

She is best known for having a babyface, which enables her to still play high school roles in her 30s.

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Just reading the script, not getting married

(Photo Source: Tan Songyun Weibo)