Stephen Chow recently shared his thoughts for the first time about the two most important people in his life, the late actor Ng Man Tat, and the late actress Jacqueline Law.

On 13 April, to celebrate his Instagram account reaching 1 million followers, the comedy auteur told fans that they could ask him anything and that he would answer it all.

Among the many questions he responded, two of the questions attracted people’s attention the most. One asked if he has anything to say to Ng Man Tat, who passed away in 2021.

To that, he responded, “I love you and I regret not expressing it personally.” webp to jpg 1 1
responds to questions from fans about his two most important relationships

Another person asked a question that had not been asked of him for a long time, whether he missed actress Jacqueline Law. To that he responded a simple “Yes.”

It is noted that Stephen and Ng were the most popular comedy duo in the ’90s, as they worked together in some of the biggest comedy movies including “Forbidden City Cop”, “God of Cookery” and “Lawyer, Lawyer”. However, the two no longer worked together after “Shaolin Soccer” in 2002, though Ng stressed that the two were very much good friends.

In 2020, Ng shared in an interview that he hoped to work with Stephen again. However, it did not come to fruition as he died a few months later.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline, though rarely mentioned by Stephen, was said to be the director’s most serious love and inspiration to him. The two met on TVB’s “The Tribulation of Life” in 1988 and dated for three years, with Stephen planning to marry Jacqueline once he made a name for himself. However, the two broke up soon after.

Jacqueline went on to marry Singaporean businessman Liu Chee Ming, but passed away in 2012 due to pancreatic cancer. webp to jpg 4
Stephen and Jacqueline were together for three years

(Photo Source: ST Headline, SINA)