Selina Jen recently revealed that she is having a baby boy.

On 10 April, the Taiwanese singer shared several photos from her gender reveal party, which was attended by many friends including her S.H.E sisters Hebe and Ella.

She posted, “This is your first party. All your mum’s family and friends are here. They are the most important people in your mother’s life. It was very interesting. Not boring at all. It’s like a game of breakthroughs. These people are the same people who have been with your mum through every level.”

She also thanked her “little cashew” for choosing her and her partner, adding that she will work hard to care for the baby.

“I almost forgot to say. Thank you for being a boy. There is now another little warrior in this world that can protect girls. I love you,” she added.

Fans and friends congratulated the good news, with many saying that Ella’s son Jinbao will now have a younger brother and that they can form a boy band just like their mothers.

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Selina with her S.H.E sisters Hebe and Ella

(Photo Source: Selina Jen IG)