Hong Kong actor Richard Ng has recently passed away.

The news was confirmed by his wife Susan, according to Mingpao, who stated that the family is devastated about the loss and hopes that people will give them some space.

Earlier on 10 April, sources revealed that Richard’s family was notified by the doctor to meet at the hospital for the last time to see the actor before his passing.

The actor had been in poor health in recent years, having undergone surgery due to heart embolism and later suffering from kidney failure.

Having appeared in more than 80 films since the 1976 movie, “The Private Eyes”, Richard halted acting in 2018, and only played small roles or cameo since then, including in Philip Yung’s “Where the Wind Blows”.

Celebrities who mourned the passing include Eric Tsang, who worked with Richard in the “Lucky Stars” series of films.

“The last time we worked together was in “Vampire Cleanup Department” in 2017. At the time, he was still healthy. But we hadn’t seen each other after that because of the pandemic. I am sad to hear that he has passed away,” he said. “He was a humorous guy. He always interpreted comedy differently than others. I learned a lot from him.”

He was 83.

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Richard (middle) was one of the stars of the ‘Lucky Stars’ series of films
The actor’s health deteriorated in recent years

(Photo Source: ILifePost, China Times, Kwong Wah)