Yoyo Mung was recently criticised by netizens over using the Japanese language while attending her husband’s concert in Macau.

As reported on Oriental Daily, a video recently went viral showing Yoyo wandering in front of the stage, calling for “Aki-san” while fans shouted her name and asked to take photos with her.

She was then heard saying the Japanese word “Kore”, meaning “here” to someone in the audience, before moving away to shake hands with some fans.

Some who saw the video immediately slammed the actress, who currently resides in Japan, for using Japanese while in Macau.

One commented, “Why don’t you just hold a concert in Japan instead of speaking Japanese in Macau?”

Some stated that they do not like Yoyo and husband Ekin Cheng since they moved to Japan, adding that the actress seemed to have forgotten her roots since she moved to the country.

However, others defended Yoyo, saying that she seemed to be speaking Japanese to someone in particular, which is the certain Aki person that she had been calling, and was not talking to her fans in the language.

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Yoyo and Ekin currently reside in Japan

(Photo Source: Yoyo Mung FB, Ekin Cheng IG)