Louise Wong recently took to social media to apologise for being unprofessional while presenting an award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

The actress and fellow presenter and “Anita” co-star Terrance Lau received backlash from many after the two failed to pronounce the name of screenwriter Mak Tin Shu, one of the scribes of “Detective VS. Sleuths” who won the award for Best Screenplay.

Louise, who was tasked to announce the winner, had already announced Wai Ka Fai’s name when she hesitated on pronouncing the “Shu” in Mak Tin Shu’s name, and asked Terrance how to pronounce it as Wai hesitated on the spot, unsure whether he should go on stage to accept the accolade.

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Louise Wong and Terrance Lau presenting the award for Best Screenplay

It is noted that there are three screenwriters for the said movie, including Ryker Chan.

Louise and Terrance then ended up not announcing the name at all, sparking anger of netizens, who claimed that the two were being unprepared and unprofessional.

On 17 April, the “Anita” star took to Instagram Story to apologise for her mistake, saying, “Last night’s performance at the award ceremony was not as good as expected. I am very sorry to the organiser and the winners… I am willing and will learn from it.”

“I have learned this lesson, and I will definitely strive to do better and be more responsible in all my work in the future,” she added.

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Wai Ka Fai, Ryker Chan, Mak Tin Shu won Best Screenplay for ‘Detective VS. Sleuths’

(Photo Source: Louise Wong IG, Oriental Daily, ST Headline)