As the couple prepare for their wedding, several photos have now circulated online, showing Chinese star Shawn Dou and soon-to-be wife Laurinda Ho preparing for the occasion.

A few days ago, several netizens who coincidentally stayed in the same hotel where Laurinda’s wedding will be taking place, shared photos from the venue, where one can see luxurious decorations including crystal lights and a grand piano, as well as a large infinity swimming pool overlooking the sea. webp to jpg 5
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Several photos have also been released of the couple at their pre-wedding party.

One includes Laurinda with a guest posing in front of a large screen with the words “Welcome to the wedding of Shawn Dou & Laurinda Ho, Bali Indonesia” written across it.

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Another one has Laurinda, who looks stunning in a short wedding dress as she greeted guests, with Shawn tailing behind.

The couple is set to tie the knot on 18 April, with guests including stars like Joey Yung, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, and GEM, the latter who reportedly will be performing at the wedding.

Shawn Dou seen setting off to Bali from Shanghai Airport
Laurinda left for Bali on 14 April from Hong Kong

(Photo Source: HK01 , On CC, SINA)