Following the backlash from viewers at home, Juno Mak recently took to social media to explain the tote bag that was displayed on the podium when he appeared on stage as a presenter at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

The filmmaker, who was tasked to announce the winner for the Best Costume Design, was recently accused of trying to advertise the bag that he had with him on stage, with many saying that the action was inappropriate and disrespectful.

On 18 April, Juno shared several photos of him on social media, including one that the viewers at home didn’t see – that is him taking out the envelope bearing the name of the winner of the said category out of the bag.

“Carry it in hand all day with only one envelope in the bag, in honour of the “Best Costume Design Award”,” he explained.

The bag is actually a Gucci Diana, which is priced at USD 5,500.

Viewers at home didn’t see the part where Juno took out the envelope from the bag
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The bag contained only an envelope

(Photo Source: Juno Mak IG, ST Headline)