Jason Wong recently revealed that the assailant who injured him in the 2022 attack has now been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In a statement released on Weibo, the actor revealed several court findings, including that the perpetrator had a history of using methamphetamine for more than ten years, as well as abusing cough syrup, which resulted in him having hallucinations and delusions.

“He also watched the movie ‘Chasing the Dragon’ in which I participated, and mistakenly believed that the character I played in the movie as his cousin who had done harm to his family, so the assailant developed resentment… and developed a motive for revenge,” he wrote.

Jason stressed that he doesn’t know the assailant and has no enmity towards him, and believed that it was just a tragic incident that ended up with him getting seriously injured.

Jason Wong’s attacker gets ten years imprisonment, celeb asia, jason wong, theHive.Asia
Jason attending court with his lawyer

“I’d also like to remind my friends in the performing arts circle that due to their image as public figures, they may become the targets of unprovoked attacks by people with mental problems. Therefore, friends must be careful and vigilant when entering and leaving public places,” he added.

Lastly, Jason thanked all his friends, including President of the Hong Kong Performing Arts Association Louis Koo, for their support and assistance, as well as the authorities involved in the case.

“At present, most of my injuries have recovered, and I will continue to work hard to receive treatment in order to fully recover,” he added.

It was back in September that Jason was slashed by an unknown man while dining at a restaurant in Shenzhen along with actors Ai Wai and Jason Chu. The incident left him with injuries to his face, left hand, and right waist.

Jason Wong’s attacker gets ten years imprisonment, celeb asia, jason wong, theHive.Asia
Jason was attacked while dining in Shenzhen, was slashed three times including one to his face

(Photo Source: Jason Wong IG, HK01, Mingpao)