Although he has dominated the music scene for decades now, Jacky Cheung stated that he still has no interest to try his hands on judging music competitions.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the singer, known to fans by the moniker the god of songs, revealed during the talk show “We Love This Place” that he had even been offered a nine-figure pay to be a part of those kinds of shows, which he still declined.

Jacky said that there are two main reasons for him saying no, and that firstly it was because he understands how hard it is competing in such a show.

“I was born from a singing competition and I know how hard it is. For someone who isn’t a professional singer to be performing in front of people is already good enough. I can’t bear to criticise them and say what is good or not,” he said.

Secondly, said Jacky, he did not come from a formal music school or learn music like other musicians did.

“To be a tutor or to teach singing? I don’t know how to do that. I really don’t.”

Jacky added that he is happy to see more people with dreams participating in such competitions, but that he just doesn’t have the ability to mentor anyone.

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Jacky can’t bear to criticise aspiring singers

(Photo Source: Jacky Cheung Fanpage IG)