GEM recently took to social media to congratulate her best friend Laurinda Ho for her marriage to Chinese actor Shawn Dou.

The singer, who wasn’t able to attend the wedding, posted several photos of her and Laurinda from their many adventures, and shared, “I met you at the age of 18 and watched you grow from a baby face to a beautiful woman. I watched you grow from a girl who was trapped in love and stayed up all night to a mature woman who is now going to marry and become a wife.”

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GEM and Laurinda have been best buds for years

GEM said that they shared many beautiful memories together, from going on a trip to Tokyo where they had sushi at two in the morning, their hiking trips where they would talk, and how they would surprise each other on their birthdays or when one is busy with work.

“Today is the day you start a new chapter in your life. Although I can’t come to see you in person to witness it, I will pray and bless you from a distance. May you and Doudou be happy forever, and may love and peace fill your family. May your future journey be full of joy, no matter whether it is comfortable or rough,” she wrote.

GEM shared no details on why she was absent from Laurinda’s wedding.

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Laurinda tied the knot in Bali on 18 April

(Photo Source: GEM IG, Laurinda Ho IG)