Thai-German singer Patrick Nattawat Finkler, known in China by the name Yin Haoyu, sure has an army of very supportive fans, as they recently came up with a proposal for the singer as he embarks on his journey as a solo artiste.

On 26 April, the Patrick Yinhaoyu International Fan Club released a long statement written in several languages including Chinese, Korean, and Thai, proposing seven ideas to Insight Entertainment for them to help the INTO1 member to further expand his popularity.

These ideas include setting up a professional team for Patrick, immediate response to rumours regarding the singer, and to actively carry out a career plan for him including quality TV and movie works, variety shows that are suitable for his character, as well as more freedom for his music.

The fans also reminded the company to respect Patrick’s wishes and help him balance his studies and work, as well as to ensure that the singer will not have to share personal resources with other artistes of the company.

“I believe that your company can see Yinhaoyu Patrick’s great potential and his efforts. We don’t want to see such an excellent and hardworking person be let down and delayed. We are willing to help his development together with the company. Please have Insight Entertainment plan Yinhaoyu Patrick’s work reasonably and look forward to your company’s reply,” the fan club added.

It is noted that INTO1, formed through the 2021 reality show “Produce Camp 2021”, disbanded on 23 April.

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The singer seems to have the best and most organised international fans

(Photo Source: Patrick Yinhaoyu IG)