Three weeks after announcing that he and wife Dacie Chao are having a baby, singer Eric Chou appeared for the first time in front of the media, and happily spoke about the pregnancy.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Taiwanese singer shared that the pregnancy came as a pleasant surprise for both of them, and that the revelation came as a funny incident.

“I was playing video game when Dacie suddenly took out a pregnancy stick with two lines on it. I asked, ‘What?’, she said, ‘Am I pregnant?’. I laughed and said, ‘I think so!'” said Eric.

When asked the gender of the baby, Eric smiled and said that he wanted to maintain a sense of secrecy.

Eric said that he and Dacie planned to hold their wedding in Taipei next year, and that he will take a short break from work after the baby is born.

“I want to learn to take care of the baby myself,” he added, revealing that he is attending special classes for fathers.

As for their baby plans, Eric said that the two of them have a consensus of having at least three children, and that they will work hard to reach the goal.

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The couple are expecting their first baby

(Photo Source: Eric Chou IG)