Chantel Yiu recently assured that she is fine now, after she had to postpone her return to New Zealand despite already arriving at the airport.

As reported on Mingpao, the Hong Kong singer recently updated on her health situation on social media, writing that she was actually experiencing minor stomach ache on the day of her supposed departure.

“We’ve decided to stay put and rest before taking the flight. Thank you everyone who checked up on me. I’m feeling a lot better now,” she added.

It is noted that Chantel was about to board the plane back to New Zealand on 25 April to resume her studies when she revealed to her family that she was feeling a little unwell. Worried that Chantel might be having difficulties being on a 10-hour flight in her condition, her father changed her ticket to fly on another day.

The singer was in Hong Kong for two weeks earlier this month to promote her new single and music video.

(Photo Source: Chantel Yiu IG)