Carol “Dodo” Cheng recently admitted that she has much more freedom now that she is no longer tied to TVB.

As reported on Mingpao, the TV personality, who attended the Victoria Harbour Easter Parade recently, revealed that she is not lacking in work since the departure, and that offers have been coming to her left and right.

Asked if her income is growing as well, she quickly responded, “I don’t care about these things. The most important thing is to be happy.”

Carol added that she would love to cooperate with various artistes outside of the TVB sphere, whether it be in shows or even public activities.

As for her next project, she said that she will be going abroad soon to shoot a HOY TV travel programme.

“Fortunately, I have filmed travel shows since 2014 and gone to various countries, so I do have the experience,” she added.

It was back in October 2022 that the actress announced that she was leaving the company after 44 years.

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Carol would like to work with various artistes

(Photo Source: Carol Dodo Cheng IG)