Legendary Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin was recently presented with an honorary doctorate from the University of Hong Kong.

The actress, known for classic movies like “Peking Opera Blues” and “The Bride with White Hair”, received a Doctor of Social Sciences in recognition of her significant contribution to arts and culture.

According to HKU, “Ms Brigitte Lin is a well-known actress in the Chinese film industry. With her many outstanding works, she has been praised by the film industry and has become a legend in the hearts of generations of audiences in the Greater China region and the world.”

Brigitte also shared the good news on social media, writing, “To be awarded an honorary doctorate together [with six outstanding people] is beyond my imagination. When my mother was young, due to the war and various reasons, she failed to complete her studies. This was the biggest regret in her life… Now that her daughter has a PhD, I believe she must feel very gratified in heaven.”

“The University of Hong Kong is an internationally renowned institution of higher learning. It is a great honour for me to get such recognition. I must dedicate myself to do more things that are meaningful to the society. Only in this way can I live up to the expectations of the University of Hong Kong,” she added.

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The actress said that her late mother would be very proud of her

(Photo Source: Brigitte Lin Weibo)