Although he is not with Maple Yip in South Korea as she testifies in the trial of Jesus Morning Star (JMS) cult leader Jung Myung-Seok, Alex Fong recently stated that he is in constant contact with his girlfriend.

The actor, who made an appearance at a charity show in Tsim Sha Tsui recently, stated that he did plan to go with Maple to South Korea earlier, but then decided not to as Maple has her father by her side.

Nonetheless, he stressed that he is in constant contact with Maple and her family.

“I heard that the media was waiting for me at the airport. But I won’t be picking her up later on. I don’t know when she will be coming back,” he said.

As to reports that members of the JMS church appeared outside the court and have caused anxiety to all witnesses including Maple, Alex said that it is inappropriate for him to discuss it with the media.

“Of course, it is very important to have people around her to help,” he added.

Alex also stated that Maple plans to participate in more charities and that he plans to help her with it, seeing that he has ten years of experience in such work.

Asked if they will attend charity events together in the future, the actor said, “No. She’s an outsider in the entertainment industry. She’d rather do good deeds in a low-key manner. She plans to further her studies and hopes to work in education in the future.”

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Maple Yip is in Korea to testify in Jung Myung-Seok’s trial

(Photo Source: Alex Fong IG, The Cinemaholic)