Fans of Zhang Yishan can now breathe a sigh of relief, as the actor suddenly reappeared on Weibo following rumours of drug arrest.

As reported on Sohu, the actor recently shared several photos from his upcoming movie on Weibo, and posted, “It’s been more than five months and filming is still going on. From the beginning of autumn to the cold winter, and then warm up again, the place where I am is the place where the revolutionary predecessors worked and fought.”

Zhang added that whenever he was shooting the movie, he would always be reminded of how the ancestors paved a life for everybody during the period of wars and hardships.

He later revealed that the project is a TV series, “Misery in Glory” (translated title), which he shot in Fujian.

The news came as a relief to fans, who were worried that the actor could be the celebrity that was previously reported to have been arrested for drug abuse, based on the many clues revealed, including the fact that the said star made his debut as a child actor.

Further fuelling it was the fact that the actor had not updated his Weibo since late February, just as the rumour began.

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Zhang shares photos from his upcoming new project

(Photo Source: Zhang Yishan Weibo)