Yassi Pressman recently assured that everything is well in her friendship with Nadine Lustre.

The actress responded to questions from the media at the press conference of her new show, following sister Issa Pressman and Nadine’s ex-boyfriend James Reid’s indirect confirmation that they are dating.

“It’s alright. I’ll say it only once. There’s no problem,” she stressed. “Nadine and I, we’re okay. Our whole family is okay too. And of course, before everything went public, everything was taken care of in private.”

Yassi stressed that she and Nadine have been friends since they were kids, which is why nothing of that sort could affect their friendship.

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Yassi and Nadine have been friends for a long time

At the same time, the actress admitted that even she was surprised after learning about Issa and James.

“When I was told that recently, I just let the people involved make their own decisions. They’re old enough to make their own decisions. Everyone has a choice. And if no one else is being stepped on, I feel like there is no problem,” she stated.

It is noted that Issa was previously accused of being the third party in James and Nadine’s breakup. However, both James and Nadine denied the allegation.

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Issa and James indirectly confirmed their relationship on 16 March