Although he is one of the few stars who has no issue showing affections to their mothers on social media nowadays, William Chan recently admitted that there was a time that he felt ashamed for only having a mother.

The China-based singer-actor, who appeared in a variety show recently, shared that he has one permanent regret that he has kept deep inside, and that is the time he ran away from his mother due to some childish issue.

“I only went to this one middle school for two years. On the day of my [middle school] graduation, my mother came to pick me up. I don’t know why, but I felt embarrassed because everybody else have parents and my mother was alone,” he said.

“I didn’t want people to see me at the time. When I left, my mother kept chasing me. She was crying at the time, angrily asking me, ‘Why are you running away from me? Why are you running away from me?'”

William said that he has kept that particular memory in his heart for so long, and didn’t dare tell his mother how much his behaviour at the time and the way that he had hurt her still affects him.

“But when this show is aired, I will show it to my mother. I am sorry, mum,” he added.

It is noted that William and his two siblings were raised single-handedly by his widowed mother, following his father’s passing when he was young. William said that he is always grateful to his mother for taking care of them.

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William is not shy to show his love for his mum on social media

(Photo Source: William Chan IG)