William Chan has dismissed the notion of awkwardness between him and Charlene Choi, after the two appeared at the showcase held by Emperor Motion Pictures at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market (FILMART).

As reported on Sohu, the actor, who attended the event to promote his new movie with Dante Lam, “Bursting Point”, could be seen standing behind Charlene at first, the latter who was there to promote her new movie “The Goldfinger” with Andy Lau and Tony Leung.

However, the positions were later rearranged, with William standing in the same line with the actress, though separated by two other actors. The two had no interaction with each other throughout the event.

When asked about being on the same stage with his ex-girlfriend, William said that they had no chance to have a chat but that there is no awkwardness between them.

As to whether they would be okay working together in the future, the China-based actor expressed, “That would depend on the company’s wishes. But I guess they wouldn’t make such an arrangement.”

However, when asked about the rumour that he and model He Sui have broken up, William simply responded, “No comment.”

Charlene and William dated for four years in the early 2010s before they announced their breakup in 2015. The Twins member is now in a relationship with Mahjong Prince, Anthony Shek.

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The couple dated prior to William’s success in mainland China

(Photo Source: SOHU)