Wang Ziwen recently surprised many by revealing that she is now single again.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress made the revelation on the variety show, “Love Actually 2”, during a segment where guests were asked to disclose the latest message sent by their partner.

Wang flipped through her phone just like the others, but stated, “Although I don’t have a partner, let’s take a look.”

7ec wangziwensingle01
Wang started dating Wu after meeting on “A Journey for Love” three years ago

She made no explanation regarding the breakup, though stated that a relationship depends on the joint efforts of both parties.

It is noted, however, that there were signs of a breakup between Wang and actor Wu Yongen (Andrew Wu) as early as last year, when she reopened her social media account with none of the old photos of her and the actor together.

The two have also not been seen together since October, unlike in the past, where they often show affection to each other ever since they met on the show, “A Journey for Love”.

7ec wangziwensingle02
The two used to always show affection in public

(Photo Source: Wang Ziwen Weibo)