The production team of “The Wandering Earth” recently took to social media to mourn the passing of Hong Kong veteran actor Ng Man Tat on the second anniversary of his death.

As reported on Oriental Daily, on 27 February, director Frant Gwo took to Weibo to post a photo of a bright star in the night sky, and wrote, “Missing the most lasting star. I miss you especially today.”

The filmmaker’s post was later reposted by several of the actors including Wu Jing and Wang Zhi.

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The late veteran actor is remembered

Ng played the role of Han Ziang in the 2019 movie, and was “resurrected” via CG to appear again in “The Wandering Earth 2” following his passing on 27 February 2021.

In a past interview, the veteran actor said that he did regret agreeing to do the movie a little due to the challenging nature of filming; having the need to wear heavy equipment and clothing during the shoot despite having just recovered from his illness.

The actor was revealed to have died in his sleep at Tai Wai’s Union Hospital in 2021, several days after he confirmed his liver cancer diagnosis. He was 70.

(Photo Source: Frant Gwo Weibo, HKET)