Tang Wei recently admitted that she was moved by one of her most recent awards, the Director’s Cut Awards for Actress of the Year.

On 20 March, the Chinese actress shared a photo of her said accolade, that she said she just received that morning after she was unable to attend the event last February.

She expressed, “After hearing the translation of the passage, I feel very moved. Thank you.”

The “Decision to Leave” star was referring to the words engraved on the trophy, which read, “A touching performance that will be remembered for a long time, hats off to Tang Wei, who has captivated us. For this, the Korean Director’s Cut will award her Best Actress of the Year.”

It is noted that the movie had won five awards at the said event, including Best Actor for Park Hae-Il, Best Director for Park Chan-Wook, and Best New Actor for Seo Hyun-Woo.

Tang Wei touched by words on her Director’s Cut trophy, celeb asia, tang wei, theHive.Asia
The actress showed her award on her IG

(Photo Source: Tang Wei IG, Golden Globe Awards)