Although it’s been 17 years since they starred in the hit Patrick Kong movie, “Marriage with a Fool”, Stephy Tang stated that she has no plan to work with former boyfriend Alex Fong in another movie at the moment.

As reported on Mingpao, the Hong Kong actress, who was asked about Patrick Kong’s recent Instagram post about the movie’s 17th anniversary, stated that she received a lot of messages from people about it.

“17 years went by so fast. It’s quite emotional since it means in a blink of an eye, I am already in this industry for 21 years,” she said.

Stephy also said that she doesn’t want to do another movie with Alex not because of their past relationship, but because she doesn’t want it to be about their past relationship.

“If the focus would only be about our past, that would affect the film. That wouldn’t be fair at all. But of course, nothing is certain in this world,” she added.

Meanwhile, when asked about her current relationship status following her previous breakup from Taiwanese singer Prince Chiu, Stephy laughed and said, “No girl can say that she has no pursuer. There are lots of potential men, but you have to meet each other face to face. I will leave it to fate.”

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Patrick Kong previously posted about his 2006 movie starring Stephy Tang and Alex Fong

(Photo Source: Stephy Tang IG, Alex Fong IG)