After a long hiatus from work following her baby’s birth, Stephy Qi Wei recently shared a vlog to show her preparation for her comeback.

On 28 March, the video, which was released by her studio, had Stephy sharing stories about her postpartum life while having her hair done, saying that she would lose a chunk of hair every time she washes it ever since she gave birth to her second child, to the extent that she was afraid she would turn bald.

In addition to hair loss, Stephy also revealed that her face shape has changed and that her hairline has moved back, making her face look bigger than before.

The actress also had no issue sharing about her weight, saying, “No need to ask. It’s [90kg].”

“Fortunately, I lost 20kg during the confinement period. Although it’s still too far from my ideal weight, I believe as long as you work hard enough, you will succeed,” she added.

However, after sharing about her hair loss, she assured other pregnant mothers that it was just a hormone problem and that the hair will grow back.

The actress, who tied the knot with Korean-American actor Nathan Lee Seung-Hyun in 2014, gave birth to her second child in September last year.

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Stephy reveals changes in her appearance after baby’s birth

(Photo Source: Stephy Qi Wei WeiboSINA)