Fans get excited when two big names who don’t seem to be in the same circle communicate with one another, and that’s what happened when comedy auteur Stephen Chow suddenly gave a shout out to Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou on Instagram.

It all started on 7 March, when the filmmaker posted a photo of him having wine and listening to Jay’s latest album, tagging the singer and writing, “See you in Hong Kong.”

Jay was quick to respond in the comments, writing, “Master Sing has a great taste!”

7cn jauchowstephenchou01
Stephen Chow gave a shout out to Jay Chou on IG

The comment itself received nearly 14,000 likes, with netizens expressing hope to see the two stars work together in the future. Some also got excited with the idea of Stephen coming to see Jay at his Carnival tour in Hong Kong.

Following the said post, Jay then shared his own version of the photo, where he could be seen watching a Stephen Chow movie. He posted, “Master Sing, do you want me to bring you a few bottles of red wine from France or do you want me to help you with Pierre Cashon?”

Pierre Cashon in this case, refers to the character played by Declan Michael Wong in “God of Gambler III”, the same movie that is seen in the said photo Jay posted.

7cn jauchowstephenchou02
Jay reciprocated in his cool way

(Photo Source: Stephen Chow Fanpage IG, Jay Chou IG)