After months of not showing at all, Sandy Wu recently surprised fans with her huge belly, as she awaits the birth of her first son.

On 6 March, the Taiwanese TV personality posted several photos to show off her final trimester look, writing, “A lot of people have been saying that I was hiding my belly since I became pregnant. I didn’t mean it. My belly changes all the time. Sometimes I can see it clearly, and at times, I look at myself in the mirror and laugh out loud. Is it a fake pregnancy? Why can’t I see anything?”

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Sandy is ready to pop that baby out soon

Sandy stated that to a certain extent, her love of baggy clothes enables her to hide her baby bump until the last stages of her pregnancy.

“In these photos, you can already see the belly. But I had taken some endorsement photos at work on the same day, I can only say that I promise when the advertisement comes out, everyone will be able to see that this woman is soon to lay her eggs,” she added jokingly.

Back in October, Sandy revealed that she is pregnant with a baby boy. It’s her first baby after marrying non-showbiz husband Wang Yangkai back in January 2022.

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The TV personality was still able to host a concert without showing back in January

(Photo Source: Sandy Wu IG)