Nicholas Tse is set to make his directorial debut through the upcoming new movie, “New Police Story 2”, which will see the return of Jackie Chan in one of his most famous roles, Inspector Chan Kwok Wing.

As reported on HK01, the actor, who will be helming a movie for the first time, stated that he does have some concerns and worries about directing.

“I have made so many action movies and choreographed a lot of action, but this time, I am going to get involved in other actors’ performances, so I really am quite nervous,” he said.

However, Nic stated that he would do his best, adding, “Do as much as you can and you must keep your spirit alive.”

It is noted that he is also going to be acting in the said movie. Nic played Frank in the first “New Police Story” back in 2004, a new partner of Inspector Chan.

Aside from “New Police Story 2”, Nic is also set to star in two new movies, “Customs Frontline” and “Spreading Rage” (translated titles).

On the other hand, when asked about the rumours of his alleged breakup with girlfriend Faye Wong, Nic smiled and responded, “Let’s talk only about movies.”

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Jackie and Nic in ‘New Police Story’ in 2004

(Photo Source: IMDB)