Mickey Huang recently admitted that he was joking about being angry at Selina Jen for not sharing about her pregnancy news with him prior to her announcement.

The TV personality, who spoke to the media regarding the SHE member’s bun-in-the-oven news, stated that Selina has already explained to him as to why he and most of their other close friends had to find out about the pregnancy along with the public.

“She said she originally planned to inform relatives and friends before her podcast aired in the morning. But eventually, she overslept, and when she woke up, it was already all over the news,” he said.

Mickey stated that he is extremely elated for the singer, and has even sent some collagen supplements to her house.

“A baby’s skin is prone to various rashes and conditions. My wife [Summer Meng] took collagen during pregnancy, and we found that our daughter’s skin condition was better than some of our friends’ babies at the same time. I hope that she will give birth to a beautiful baby,” he said.

It was last week that Selina revealed on her podcast that she is 12 weeks along, calling her unborn baby “Little Cashew”. The singer, who is divorced from husband Richard Chang in 2016, is currently in a relationship with a non-showbiz man who is seven years younger than her.

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Selina overslept and failed to convey her good news to close friends before it made headlines

(Photo Source: Selina Jen IG,  Mickey Huang IG)