Margie Tsang recently expressed her anger over rumours that she is having a health problem.

On 21 March, the Hong Kong actress posted a screenshot of a report with the headline, “Margie Tsang lost 15kg and admitted to hospital in secret, son cried and exposed physical condition”, in which it described her of being “too thin and unrecognisable”.

Margie wrote, “I’m really angry this time! Today’s fake news is getting more and more excessive. You can just make up stories. Those who write these news, do you have any family members? You know what it’s like when someone who doesn’t know me or my friends and family see the news?”

The actress stated that while she understands the need for gossips, being from showbiz herself, the said story could really affect her family and friends.

“Let me seriously say it again, there is no such thing, I have no health problems, and I just told my friends that I want to lose weight two days ago!” she added.

Margie also expressed hope for the government to legislate on fake news soon, so that those who spread misinformation will get their dues.

As for the article, the actress said, “You have crossed the line and I will reserve legal action. Please reflect! How did the society become this way?”

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The actress is truly in good health as she enjoys going out and meeting friends

(Photo Source: Margie Tsang Weibo)