Liza Soberano recently expressed her sorry for those who were affected by her words in the previous vlog where she had shared about rebranding herself, which had many giving their two cents about her statement.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, the actress, who previously spoke about her career in the Philippines and saying that she finally has the right to be herself, stated that it wasn’t her intention to offend anybody.

“ABS-CBN was always my second home. I devoted so many years to them. I’m sorry again also to them if there were people that I’ve worked closely with that were offended by some of the things that I said in my vlog. That wasn’t the intention but then also I’m thankful to them,” she said.

Liza also said that she is grateful that they took a risk on her when she was a nobody, and invested their time to mould her into a star.

Liza Soberano says sorry for previous vlog, celeb, liza soberano, news, theHive.Asia
The actress drew ire from many with her vlog

“And thank you for being so understanding when I decided to no longer renew with them,” she said.

In the same interview, she also apologised to her former manager Ogie Diaz, saying that everything that she has and know she achieved through his help.

Liza sparked ire within the industry in her previous vlog, where she spoke about developing her own career path.

She expressed, “I’ve been in six feature films, over 500 episodes of teleserye, and have only really dabbled into three main genres – romance, comedy, and drama. Since I was 16, I had only really worked side by side with one main co-star, with the same production company, rotating around the same three directors. During all those years, I was never really asked for my input, my thoughts, my ideas.”

“I’ve sacrificed myself, I’ve sacrificed my freedom, I’ve sacrificed my happiness to present Liza Soberano to the world, and I think I’ve earned the right to finally be me,” she added.

Liza Soberano says sorry for previous vlog, celeb, liza soberano, news, theHive.Asia
Ogie Diaz handled Liza’s career since she became an actress in the Philippines