Liza Soberano has dismissed the notion that she is now dating James Reid.

The actress, who has been romantically linked to the singer after signing to his record label Careless Music, stated that she and James are not romantically attached and that she is still very much with her former onscreen partner, Enrique Gil.

“I get so nervous about questions like that because people already assumed the worst about me because I haven’t been posting anything about Quen, we haven’t been seen in a project together,” she said.

As to why she no longer shares any photos with Enrique, Liza said that she is trying to stay away from the love team so that she will be taken more seriously as an individual artiste.

“Love team is a phenomenon only created in the Philippines, only existing in the Philippines, and to box a woman like that is so dangerous actually for their mental health and growth not just as a professional but also as an individual,” the actress added.

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Liza says she is still with Enrique Gil