Liu Yuning has recently taken to social media to slam the mainland paparazzi for their questionable action in trying to prove that he was once married.

On 27 March, the pop singer took to social media to address the rumour regarding his status, amid accusations that he was hiding the fact that he was married and has a daughter from the past union.

Admitting that he had tied the knot once, Liu said, “Of course, we are divorced now. But we have no children together. I had zero contact with her since we separated so I am very very sorry to her [for the trouble].”

Liu also slammed the media for exposing his ex-wife’s face to the public, as well as her young child, of whom is not related to him.

“You can hate me, you can look down on me. But what you can’t do is put up photos of ordinary people and minors on the internet. That is quite inhumane,” he stated.

As for his past marriage, the singer said that he tied the knot in 2013, years before he made his debut in showbiz.

“I wasn’t trying to hide it. I just felt that there was no need to tell the public because it would cause a problem to my ex-wife. She didn’t get the benefits of me being an artiste, so there is no reason for her to bear the pressure from public opinion,” he said.

Finally, Liu stated that he will take legal action against the paparazzi, saying that he is doing so not for him, but to give others justice.

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Liu addressed the issue while still in costume

(Photo Source: Liu Yuning Fanpage IG, SINA)