Lee Byung-Hun’s agency has recently denied allegations regarding the actor supposedly being subjected to a special tax investigation by the National Tax Service.

As reported on MT, BH Entertainment released a statement on 28 February, stating that while there was an investigation, it was not for tax evasion as many speculated but to correct the accounting treatment.

“Lee Byung-Hun has never had any single unsavoury tax-related incident over the past 30 years,” the rep stated.

“There was a time when bonuses were given to all employees from actor Lee Byung-Hun’s personal expenses, but we corrected the accounting treatment as company expenses (not personal expenses). An additional surcharge occurred in this part. Due to the timing of advertising guarantee payment, some additional surcharges were imposed,” he added.

Previously, a news outlet alleged that Lee and his agency were fined hundreds of millions of wones in additional taxes, and that the actor earned a profit of KRW 10.6 billion for a property he bought for KRW 26 billion back in July.

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BH Entertainment denied the actor is being investigated for tax evasion

(Photo Source: Lee Byung-Hun IG)