Kelly Chen has recently made her first public appearance ever since she was involved in an accident last year.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who attended a brand event in Central on 22 March, shared that there is still a small scar above her right eye from the accident, adding that she was assured by the doctor that it would be much better in several months.

However, Kelly admitted that she still has lingering fear from the accident, though it is not so severe that it would warrant a psychiatric appointment.

“But I didn’t have an appetite at the time [after the accident] because all of my work plans had to be postponed. I was embarrassed with the people I work with and I was worried that my appearance would not recover,” she said.

When asked how many stitches she received for her injury, the singer said that she had counted at the beginning of the operation, but stopped when she realised that it still went on after more than 20 stitches. The whole process lasted more than three hours.

“Now I ask the driver to drive as slowly as possible. I will concentrate, fasten the seat belt and not play on my phone. I dare not drive the car myself,” she said.

It was on 16 December 2022 that Kelly and her 13-year-old son were involved in a car accident, when her car reportedly collided head-on with another vehicle at Kadoorie Road in Mongkok.

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Kelly showed the scar above her right eye

(Photo Source: Kelly Chen IG, Mingpao)