Thai officials from the ministries of Education and Tourism recently expressed support for Chinese tourists who wear Thai student uniforms, a trend that had been rejuvenated by Chinese singer Ju Jingyi recently when she wore said uniform last month.

As reported on Bangkok Post, the supportive words and encouragement came amid the growing concern from several parties, including the Office of the Basic Education Commission, which stated that the trend might violate the Student Uniform Act.

However, Education Minister Trinuch Thienthong recently stressed that she found nothing to be concerned with when it comes to wearing the uniform for fashion, as it doesn’t cause any harm.

7ec thainoissue01
Ju Jingyi enjoying her time in Thailand in a Thai school uniform
7ec thainoissue02
The photos sparked a fashion craze among mainland teens and young adults

“It shows that tourists see the beauty of Thai student uniforms and wear them,” said Secretary of Education Ministry, Atthapol Sangkhawasi. “I have seen from online posts that they had their names embroidered on student shirts. That is cute and beautiful and does not cause any damage.”

He added that the Student Uniform Act was only aimed at preventing wrongdoers from wearing the uniform to cover their crimes.

It was last month that the 28-year-old singer posted a series of photos of her on Weibo wearing the said uniform when she travelled Thailand. The post had since received more than a million views on the platform.

(Photo Source: Ju Jingyi Weibo)